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"...imagine famed bluesman Robert Johnson meeting the devil at the crossroads and instead of giving him unbelievable mastery over his instrument he gives him an acid tab!"

~ Frazer Jones (Desert Psychlist)"

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( 2018)

Line-up announcement!

We would like to welcome our new drummer Jonathan Wårdsäter, previously of Mamont and Bad Acid. Jonathan is an extremely groovy drummer (and person) who suits Snowy Dunes perfectly!

We would also like to welcome the incredibly talented Alex Gatica of CARUBINE and RYMDDRÖM to the Snowy family. Alex will be adding both guitar and keys!

We're now entering a new period of sonic exploration, with new blood and energy.

See you soon!

( 2016)

Snowy Dunes are a four piece psychedelic rock outfit hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Even though created out of the love for vibes of old, Snowy Dunes is a unique blend of vintage hard rock, 60's psychedelia and the fuzz rock of today.

The band was formed in 2013 by Christoffer Kingstedt on guitar and Stefan Jakobsson on drums. The well known bassist Carl Oredson of the Stockholm underground scene was immediatly recruited as a member and after spending months trying to find the right vocalist they met Niklas Eisen in 2014, a school mate of Christoffer. With a history as a solo blues artist, Niklas brings intensity to the group, both on and off stage.

At a Dead Meadow show in Stockholm, Christoffer met their bass player Steve Kille. Being a huge fan of Dead Meadow, Christoffer shamelessly asked Steve if he would be interested in recording the then newly formed Snowy Dunes. They kept in contact and seven months later, after a Stockholm show by Pink Mountaintops with Steve on bass (and after treating him to quite a few whiskey cola), it was decided.

A year after being founded, Snowy Dunes were invited to Los Angeles by Steve Kille to record their debut album.

Spending five days in a cabin in the desert around Joshua Tree, they laid down the groundwork for the album with Steve acting as both producer and as a sherpa to desert dwelling for the starry eyed Swedes.

Used to a significantly colder climate, and by drawing their inspiration from the vast swedish wilderness, the laid back desert vibe and Steve's steady hand helped Snowy Dunes realize their jam based sound.

Shortly after finalizing the album, Snowy Dunes were signed to the New York / Los Angeles based indie label Xemu Records, and started touring western Europe.

Being a hard working DIY band and known for an intense live act, Snowy Dunes have eagerly performed shows all over Europe and brought their fuzzy psychedelic rock to new fans all over the globe.

Past shows

2017-12-29 Copperfields, STHLM (SE)

2017-11-04 Truckstop Alaska, GBG (SE)

2017-05-26 Kings Table w/ Skraeckoedlan, STHLM (SE)

2017-05-13 Copperfields, STHLM (SE)

2017-03-10 Copperfields, STHLM (SE)

2017-03-02 Geronimo's FGT w/ Lonely Kamel, STHLM (SE)


2016-12-16 Copperfields, STHLM (SE)

2016-11-26 Musikhjälpen, Falun (SE)

2016-11-17 O-Baren w/DTCV, STHLM (SE)

2016-10-28 Vulkan Arena w/ Black Mountain, Oslo (NO)

2016-10-27 Debaser Strand w/ Black Mountain, Stockholm (SE)

2016-10-26 Pustervik w/ Black Mountain, Gothenburg (SE)

2016-08-12 Krökbacken Festival, Leksand (SE)

2016-07-22 Noisenäs II Festival, Mora (SE)

2016-07-16 Copperfields, STHLM (SE)

2016-05-28 Freak Valley Festival, Netphen (DE)

2016-05-25 Studio K w/ Dead Meadow, Amsterdam (NL)

2016-05-21 Geronimo's FGT, Stockholm (SE)

2016-05-06 Baari, Turku (FIN)

2016-02-27 Lygtens Kro, Copenhagen (DK)

2016-02-26 Musicon, Den Haag (NL)

2016-02-25 De Onderbroek, Nijmegen (NL)

2016-02-24 The Cave, Amsterdam (NL)

2016-02-21 Black Heart, London (UK)

2016-02-20 Stag & Hounds, Bristol (UK)

2016-02-19 Watermans, Falmouth (UK)

2016-02-18 Arches, Coventry (UK)

2016-02-17 The Library, Oxford (UK)

2016-02-13 Rock n Oldies, Bastogne (BE)

2016-02-11 Bastard Club, Osnabrück (DE)

2016-02-10 Limes, Köln (DE)

2016-02-09 Bar 227, Hamburg (DE)

2016-02-08 Plan-B, Malmö (SE)

2016-02-06 Arbis, Norrköping (SE)

2016-02-05 Undergången, Stockholm (SE)


2015-12-11 Fenix, Gävle (SE)

2015-12-02 Pub Anchor, Stockholm (SE)

2015-10-24 Copperfields, Stockholm (SE)

2015-09-24 Klubi, Turku (FIN)

2015-09-17 Lygtens Kro, Copenhagen (DK)

2015-09-16 The Cave, Amsterdam (NL)

2015-09-15 Lime, Köln (DE)

2015-09-13 D&ESR Musicon, Haag (NL)

2015-09-12 White Trash Fastfood, Berlin (DE)

2015-09-11 D&ESR Hannibal Apres, Garmisch (DE)

2015-09-10 Bar 227, Hamburg (DE)

2015-09-05 Geronimo's, Stockholm (SE)

2015-07-24 Noisenäsfestivalen, Mora (SE)

2015-06-13 Skraeckoedlan Releaseparty, Dynamo, Norrköping (SE)

2015-06-11 White Trash Fast Food, Berlin (DE)

2015-05-17 E-Street, Sundsvall (SE)

2015-05-16 Bittens, Härnösand (SE)

2015-05-15 Rack and Roll, Gävle (SE)

2015-05-09 Releaseparty, Copperfields, STHLM (SE)

2015-04-11 Huset, Huddinge (SE)

2015-04-03 Copperfields, STHLM (SE)

2015-03-20 Bar Edgar (FIN)

2015-03-19 Klubi, Åbo (FIN)

2015-03-04 The Crypt, Linköping (SE)

2015-01-05 Klubb Undergången, Stockholm (SE)


2014-12-26 Debaser Medis w/Truckfighers, Mangoo (SE)

2014-12-03 Pub Anchor, STHLM (SE)

2014-11-15 Psykosen, Uppsala (SE)

2014-09-25 Pet Sounds, STHLM (SE)

2014-08-15 Krökbacken 2014, Leksand (SE)

2014-07- Summer Fuzz Residency (SE)

2014-07-19 Pet Sounds, STHLM (SE)

2014-06-07 Pitcher's, Uppsala (SE)

2014-05-30 KGB, STHLM (SE)

2014-05-16 Copperfields, STHLM (SE)

2014-04-05 RoQ, STHLM (SE)


2013-12-14 Nalen, STHLM (SE)

2013-12-13 Pitcher's, Uppsala (SE)

2013-11-06 Copperfields, STHLM (SE)

2013-10-30 Huset, Huddinge (SE)

2013-10-18 Snövit, STHLM (SE

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